Thursday, 9 February 2012

Bread Chicken Pie

Chicken breast   2 pcs
Ginger/garlic paste   1tsp each
egg  3
bread slices 4
milk   3/4 cup
potato   2 boiled

coriander leaves  1/2 bunch, thinly chopped
black pepper pd 11tsp
green chillies  4-6 thinly chopped
chines salt   1tsp
cheese   1 packet
capsicum/ tomatoes  chopped as required

Boiled chicken with 1/2 tsp salt and ginger garlic paste. Now shred chicken into small pieces.Take a bowl and pour chicken in it and all the ingredients except milk, bread and cheese and mix well. Soak bread in milk and mash well. Grease a microwave dish and spread chicken and bread mixture. Place the dish in a microwave and on high heat bake for 5 minutes keep checking till it is ready. Now take out from the oven and spread cheese on it. Again bake for 3 minutes on medium high heat or till cheese melts. Serve garnished.

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